Monday, September 17, 2012

6 Months Old

Well, here I am at 6 months old.  I wasn't really ready to smile yet but unfortunately Mommy only got one shot off before this happened:

Ah well, that's the life of a youngest child I guess.  Despite my lack of smile I'm a pretty happy guy.  I'm almost sitting up by myself.  I do it just well enough that sometimes people forget I can't actually sit for very long.  I then fall over.  I'm really, really close to crawling.  I get on all fours and rock back and forth until I fall on my face.  Then I cry while Mommy laughs at me.  She's mean like that.

Can you tell from my picture how chubby I am?!?!?  I'm up to 16lbs and in the 50% for height and weight.  Sometimes, if I don't have anything to wear, I even borrow my brother's clothes!  I'm a tank!

I had to say, "goodbye" to someone near and dear to me this month.  Dr. G from Chop said, "As cute as you are I just don't see any reason I can keep seeing you!"  She told my mom, "He's an absolute miracle.  It's just amazing."  (my mom said she already knew that though).  So goodbye Dr. G.  Goodbye Chop Hematology!  Thanks for taking awesome care of me!

I've done some pretty fun things this month.  I got to meet my baby cousin Brooke in Georgia.  (I was a total champ in the car.) Went peach picking (Mommy even let me hold some of the peaches!)  I also went to my first Phillies game!  Just me, Mommy, and Daddy went to the game.

Hope you enjoyed the extra pics:)  I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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