Friday, January 21, 2011

Waiting, Praising, and Laughing

Well, we finally got official word today that the expected wait time for a baby boy is now 5-8 months.  The good news is we are already within the projected time line:)  but we could be waiting as long as April until we get our referral:(  We're still number 7 (tied with 3 others) on the baby boy list.  While this is a little disappointing hopefully it will mean a shorter wait time from referral to coming home.  It's a little crazy to think we started this process almost a year ago and it will most likely be summertime when this little guy finally makes it home! 
Here are the things I am encouraging myself with:
1.  By the time I get to ET I will have read through my Bible and completed P90X  so I should be in great shape both spiritually and physically:)
2.  More time waiting means more time to raise funds:)
3.  I may get to go skiing with Agape:) (note to Agape kids:  you all need to sign up for the retreat b/c in order for me to go there needs to be enough kids to justify another leader.  And trust me you want me to go.  I'm super cool:)
4.  George and I have enough time to sneak off for a weekend away to Lancaster (yay!).
And lastly. . . .
5.  The longer we wait the closer in age our baby will likely be with my sister Tara's baby!!!!!  We are all praising God that after several years of praying and hoping, Tara and Jamie will be having a baby this August.  If you want to follow their story check out her blog:  It's a Wonderful Life

On a completely different topic I feel I should let you, my few but faithful followers, know the new favorite family activity in our house:  roller skating.  Now for those of you that have been to my house you realize how odd this is.  For those of you that haven't you should know that I can vacuum my entire house using only one outlet.  We don't exactly have a roller rink in the east wing.  Of course safety is always of the utmost importance in our home so my girls knew that helmets were necessary for their skating adventures.  Without being told they went and got their helmets.  Safety first people.  The best part about this is that they don't always remember to take the helmets OFF.  They will spend hours with their helmets on, drawing, eating, reading, whatever.  I don't say anything because, well, it's pretty funny to watch them walk around with helmets on and really I need things to laugh about:) 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

5 Months DTE!

Well here we are in month 5 of waiting!  A few months ago I would have said this was absolutely our last month of waiting for a referral but since we've only managed to move back on the list the past couple months I think we are going to be part of a new timeline they will give out for infant boys in more of the 5-8 month category.  I'm just speculating so we'll see.  God could still choose to move mountains and we could get our referral sooner:)  I'm really not too concerned about when we get a referral my main concerns are when we travel.  If you don't mind will you pray with me that our travel dates will work around my brother and mom's May schedules and the girls and I's trip to Mom N Tots camp?  Thanks!

On to something that's been on my mind:  God's limitless abilities.  I've been trusting God to provide all the funds for our adoption but lately I was convicted by something.  I put a cap on God's capabilities. During Christmas we were blessed with some gifts of money for our adooption as well as a $3000 grant from ShowHope.  After George deposited the money he suggested that any more money that comes in he should keep as cash so we have cash to take with us for travel expenses.  I said, "Hun, I think we've gotten all the help we are going to get.  I'm pretty sure all our family and friends are tapped out maybe you should pull some money out of the fund to keep as travel cash"  His reply, "You never know how God will provide"  Ok, I admit it.  I laughed silently at his foolish optimism. However, I don't believe my laughter could be heard over the sound of God laughing at me.  The very next day someone handed us a card from someone, a kid, with some money for us.  I was so touched by this kids gift and immediatly laughed at myself but I really thought that was the end of it.  (seriously, why do I think God has limits?!?!?!) 

So yesterday I called to pay a for some things we had coming up this summer.  The lady I spoke with on the phone was so befuddled she checked my file twice before she said, "You're all paid up."  "But that can't be, can you tell me when and how we paid?"  She told me the dates and I KNEW we didn't pay.  Suddenly she remembered, "Oh wait DeVol!  That's right, I took that payment.  Someone else paid it for you.  Isn't that a blessing?"   As I greacefully wiped the teary snot from my nose I squeeked out a "yes, sorry, I'm a little teary". 

Who am I to put limits on my God?  He clearly has no limits to the ways/amounts He will bless us!  So to God I say, "Bring it on!  Show me Your glory, and power.  It's amazing and it brings me to tears!!!!  You are AMAZING"  To the people who've blessed us in this journey I say "Watch out! I'm praying for God to bless you for blessing us and when God blesses He blesses big! "who rocks the house?  God rocks the house! and when God rocks the house He rocks it all the way down"   

May blessings rain down on you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

2011 is going to be a very busy year!  We know we'll be traveling to Ethiopia twice plus I'm planning to travel to Georgia a time or two and see my little sis:)  Since our adoption is taking a little longer than we anticipated George and I are thinking about trying to sneak away for one last night away before we bring the baby home. 

Our big prayer requests for 2011 are travel safety, health of our baby, and timing!  When we started this process we assumed we'd be traveling in February.  Now it looks like it will be April or May.  My prayer is that we do not travel the last 2 weeks in May (which would make it really difficult for my brother Joel to come) or the last week in June (which is when Mom n Tots Camp is (a highlight of every summer!)!)

And now..... my new years resolutions for 2011!!!!!!

1.  Read the Bible in 90 days along with some family and friends.
2.  Memorize a scripture every other week.
3.  Get in much better shape using P90X
4.  Continue to FLY (check out!)  
5.  And as always:  Blog more!

So what are your resolutions?
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