Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

2011 is going to be a very busy year!  We know we'll be traveling to Ethiopia twice plus I'm planning to travel to Georgia a time or two and see my little sis:)  Since our adoption is taking a little longer than we anticipated George and I are thinking about trying to sneak away for one last night away before we bring the baby home. 

Our big prayer requests for 2011 are travel safety, health of our baby, and timing!  When we started this process we assumed we'd be traveling in February.  Now it looks like it will be April or May.  My prayer is that we do not travel the last 2 weeks in May (which would make it really difficult for my brother Joel to come) or the last week in June (which is when Mom n Tots Camp is (a highlight of every summer!)!)

And now..... my new years resolutions for 2011!!!!!!

1.  Read the Bible in 90 days along with some family and friends.
2.  Memorize a scripture every other week.
3.  Get in much better shape using P90X
4.  Continue to FLY (check out!)  
5.  And as always:  Blog more!

So what are your resolutions?

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