Sunday, November 28, 2010

Training Them Up

If this is your first time to my new blog "Welcome!"  Read below to hear about why I have a new blog and how I got such a great one:)

This Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to see dear friends who I have not seen in nine years!  These precious friends have five children and the oldest is six and a half.  That's a lot of being pregnant (my favorite! (dws: dripping with sarcasm)) in the last seven years!  While we were talking it came up that this Momma had her children doing most of the laundry and the dishes.  Well I'm no fool.  The very next morning I handed the girls laundry baskets and we headed downstairs to learn to sort the laundry and start the washing machine.  I wish I had pictures of Christin sitting in an old carseat with a bottle of spray and wash but alas I do not. They loved the new experience and feeling like big people.  In fact at lunch we had the following conversation:
Silly:  I like laundry. 
Supermom:  Good!
Silly: I'm big now.
Supermom: Yup!
Silly:  I know what I want to learn next!
Supermom:  You do?  What?
Silly:  Teach me how to make money and drive the car and get my liscence.
Spunky:  Oh yeah!  I want to get my license too!

I've hidden the car keys.

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