Sunday, December 12, 2010

4 Months DTE (+6 days)

What a depressing month!  We actually moved back on the list to number 9.  The courts are super backlogged and I personally can't see how they could possibly ever catch up.  In other words I think when we finally get our referral we will most likely wait 3 months to travel for court (which is just our first trip).  I actually haven't blogged about it because it's been depressing me a little and I was hopping it would pass or I would have something interesting to report.  Oh well!
When I'm feeling a little glass half-full I tell myself that we are in the range of when they expect us to get a referral and that's good.
We do have a conference call on Tuesday so hopefully we will find out why things are so slow and they will tell us that they have tons of referrals to give out (but that may be wishful thinking).  In the meantime I'm trying to focus on the good and remind myself that this will happen.
Hopefully next month I will have more positive things to report!


  1. This month HAS been hard, hasn't it? It's like going past your due date. You KNOW it's coming, and in fact, getting closer, but the longer it takes, the more you feel like it's never going to happen!!
    Waiting IMpatiently with you, my love! :-)

  2. How long has it been since you started the process. Has it been 9 months yet? Hang in there it will happen.

  3. Oh Shannon, I am soooooo with you!! I thought that once we were on that waiting list, I would be more at peace with God's timing in the whole thing...but I'm going crazy!! Every time my phone rings, my stomach drops, and I think, could this be it!? It's exhausting!! I'll be praying for God's peace during this time for you too!!


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