Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Giving Up My Children For Lent

Today as Christin and I passed a bar with balloons out she wanted to know why they were having a party.  "It's Fat Tuesday" I said.  Of course what followed was a conversation about what Fat Tuesday is and of course what Lent is.  I explained that Lent is the days leading up to Easter in which people will often give up something they enjoy to help them remember how Jesus suffered to die for our sins.  I gave her examples of things people give up.  "Are you giving anything up?" she asked.  "I'm not sure.  Usually I give up candy or soda but since I'm on Weight Watchers I'm not sure if I'll give anything up."  And here is where I quickly decided what to give up:  "I've got it Mom!  You can give up your spare time and do more chores!"  Brilliant, now to find this spare time so I can give it up!

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  1. Maybe her reasoning was that you give up something you like and have to fill it with something you don't like? But I'm with you on not having spare time. I don't even get to go to the bathroom in peace.


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