Monday, June 27, 2011

Prayer Request

We've had so many people asking us what's going on with our adoption lately.  The short answer is, "nothing", slightly longer is, "w're just waiting" and the long answer is this:

We are seeking your prayers!  The Ethiopian courts close for about 2 months every year during their rainy season.  During that time no one passes court.  They have just announced that courts will close Aug 7th and reopen in late September or early October (depending on the weather).  We knew this was coming and had pretty much resigned ourselves to the reality that we will most likely not travel until October.  We've known that for quite some time.  There were too many families ahead of us waiting for us to get a referral and slip in their before closures.  We've been fine with that.  Really, totally peacefully, fine. 

Until last week.  When all but four families waiting got their court dates.  And they were for July 21st and 22.  Meaning that there are still 2 full weeks before courts close.  Now sometimes our agency won't get many or any court dates for a time.  That's not unusual but let me tell you that when I saw that my belly became a butterfly house (which isn't as nice as it may sound;)  and I am suddenly desperate to get our referral and get the last of the court dates.  In a recent conference call AWAA stated that they are not extending wait times (meaning I guess that we are the exception in waiting and not the rule).  I took that to mean that we will be getting a call soon.  As in this week.  They also said, "it's unlikely that any families very close to getting referrals would be able to get a court date before courts close.  BUT (insert comment about liking big but(t)s here:) we do try our very hardest so we'll see."  Well I'm pretty sure that the butterfly population in my belly just doubled (can we say overcrowding?!?!?)  I want to believe that this is God telling me, "don't give up!  I can do all things!!!!"

So the miracle I'm praying for is this:  That we would get our referral any minute now!  That our paperwork would be quickly and efficiently gathered and submitted. That we would receive a court date before closures.  And lastly that we would pass on the first try and bring this little boy home in August or September!!!!! 

Please pray with us!


  1. God CAN in fact do all things! SO excited for you guys!!! :)


  2. And...prayer answered. You totally should have asked all of us to pray like this 6 months ago..
    ;-) I am super duper excited!


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