Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's In a Name?

So many of you have asked, "what's his name?!?!?!"  that I think it's time to answer.  First let me explain why we haven't answered yet:  I have decision making issues.  Seriously, sometimes I contemplate what I should eat for breakfast so long that by the time I decide it's lunch time.  I have issues people.  That being said, I didn't commit 100% with our other kids names until they were born.  I was "pretty sure" but I never wanted to give up the name until the baby was born.  What if I changed my mind?!?!?!? (which of course I never did)

So I'm taking a big risk, going out on a ledge and telling our little dudes name!  Daddy picked his first name.  In fact Daddy picked his first name 18 months ago when we applied to adopt:)  His middle name is where we hit a bump.  On one hand we wanted to keep his Ethiopian name.  It's part of who he is.  When we finally get to bring him home we aren't leaving behind Ethiopia.  Ethiopia is the beginning for our little dude.  On the other hand our other children all have family names as their middle names and we never wanted him to feel left out!  He is 100% a part of our immediate and extended family even before we have held him in our arms.

Well, here's the great thing about making decisions.  Sometimes it's hard.  Sometimes you have to decide between brownies or ice-cream.  BUT sometimes you can just say, "what the heck!  I'll take em both!!!  And while you're at it throw some whip cream and a cherry on top"  So that's what we decided to do!  That's right little dude will have 2 middle names.  So here it is. . . . ..

our little dudes name. . . ..   

Ezekiel A**** Sterling DeVol

(in case you are worried about our sanity the **** are just to represent his ET name which we can't share until we pass court)


  1. I'm just testing.. to see if the comments are working.. and to let you know that I miss you! Love you!

  2. Yay! It's working! Of course, you know we love the name. Still don't know what to call him, though! Referring to him mostly as Ezekiel right now but it's still not rollin' off the tongue. Maybe I just have to get used to it! :-)

  3. I love, love, love it!! I'm so excited to welcome this guy into our family!!!!!

  4. And for some reason the middle name is the one that rolls off my tongue...and, sorry, its not Sterling.;) still remember talking about Ezekiel on our Somerdale 7 mile run last summer....enough waiting already!! Love you!

  5. Yea, another one with Sterling in their name. I like the was the other middle name rolls off the tongue. The southern part of the family will have problems with saying 'Ezekiel'. However, we can be trained.

  6. Love the sterling and Ezekiel


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