Tuesday, February 8, 2011

6 Months DTE!

Sunday was our 6 month DTE anniversary!  When we started this journey we certainly didn't think we'd be having a 6 month anniversary.  Honestly we thought we'd be home by now!  However, we are really very at peace about the wait.  Of course I want it to happen soon but I'm not anxious about it.  I've been working on learning two verses a month and my current verse is this:  Ps. 40:1  "I waited patiently on the Lord.  He inclined and heard my cry"  I LOVE this verse!  Think about it:  I am waiting patiently, however, that does not mean that I am not crying out to my God!  Patience does not equal apathy in the waiting.  It is active!  It is crying out, praying, fasting, whatever it takes but not becoming discontented during the process.  I'm once again amazed at how our God can make seemingly opposite things work together (free-will/predestination, patience/crying out:)!


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