Friday, September 2, 2011

Pray for this week!

We have a lot of things coming together this week: starting home-schooling back up, getting ready for pre-school and co-op and than adoption stuff. 

We really covet your prayers that we would get our court date THIS WEEK!!!!!  The reason being that Ethiopian airlines is having a BOGO sale!!!!  If we can get a date and approved travel with AWAA we can book tickets at buy one get one free (which for curious minds is $1199 for the first ticket and $500 in taxes for the second). 

Please pray!!!!!


  1. I'm putting this on facebook for the Secret Sisters to pray about, okay? (I'll make Joel buy his ticket at full price and get mine free! Bwwwaahahahaha!)

  2. Rooting for you guys!!! The little guy needs to come home now! :)

    Love you!!!
    -Miss Ashley ;)

  3. Mom - You know I read this blog too, right?

  4. Oh, Shannon, SO can't wait for you to meet your son!!!! His eyes are so big and precious!!!! May both of our families hear some good news this week!!! Blessings ~


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