Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Love to Write!

Today is National I Love to Write Day.  I know this because I am a super on top of it homeschool mom.  Or maybe, just maybe, while Christin was doing some grammar exercises I was in the bathroom and happened to be flipping through HomeSchool Enrichment when I noticed the title "November 15th is National I Love to Write Day".  Which do you think is more likely?

Anyway,   I quickly came up with the idea (ok I got it from the magazine) to have Christin write a poem about Ezekiel.  I told her she got "extra credit points" for using at least two spelling words.  Since we don't do points that didn't really mean much to her so no spelling words.  Oh well!  Here's what she came up with: 

Can You Guess Who?

I smiled when I saw him.
He didn't fit in my shoes.
He didn't fit in my socks.
He was as small as a mouse.
His head was so small but his eyes were twice the size of a bouncy ball!

He smiled at me when I came.
I couldn't help smiling back.
Can you guess who?
That is it!
I'll give you a second or two...

That's who!!!!!!

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