Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Update on Surprise

Please continue to pray for our little surprise baby.  As many of you know he is facing the same blood incompatibility that Jack had which is leading to anemia.  At this early stage, 20 weeks, the doctors would like to transfuse him every 3 weeks to make up for the blood cells that are being destroyed by my blood.  They attempted a transfusion for the first time on Friday.  Unfortunately with an umbilical cord the size of a piece of spaghetti (and equally as flexible) the doctors were unsuccessful in transfusing him.  We are praying that his anemia does not get much worse over the next couple of days and they are trying again on Tuesday.  Please pray that he makes it to Tuesday and that the transfusion is successful.

As far as Ezekiel goes please be praying for us to be submitted to Embassy this Wednesday!

And finally please pray for this Momma's heart.  Having one child in a foreign country and the other fighting for his very life is not easy the Mommy's heart.  (and the the Daddy too of course!)

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