Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Off Your Butt and DO SOMETHING!

 Have you heard about Kony2012?  I'm thinking yes.  Maybe you watched the video.  Or maybe your computer is in need of a major overhaul and watching the video was not a realistic option so you went and researched it and read everything instead (uh yeah, that's what I did).  After reading some info. and hundreds of comments and posts (both informed and uniformed) I came to the conclusion that we are idiots.  Yup, sorry to break it to you people but we are really, really dumb!  And you know who is the dumbest of the dumb?  Believe it or not but there are actually people fighting AGAINST this campaign because, "there are other people, children, animals, plants, molecules that need our help" 

So here is my question dum-dums (other people, not you my wonderful, perfect, brilliant reader):  WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE OTHER PEOPLE, CHILDREN, ANIMALS, PLANTS, MOLECULES THAT YOU FEEL ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE KONY2012 CAMPAIGN?!?!?!?!  because if you feel something else is more important than your sure as heck should be supporting THAT and NOT shooting down another campaign to help.  This is one of the most frustrating things in the international adoption world.    So many times people say, "How can you adopt from a foreign country when there are so many children in need right here in the US?!?!" (read that with a snotty condescending voice)  My favorite response to that is, "Oh my gosh!!!  You're adopting in the US?!?!  Congratulations!"

It's sad that some of the most opinionated people in the world are the ones doing nothing productive.  So here's my brilliant solution (you're welcome world)  GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND DO WHAT GOD IS CALLING YOU TO DO!!!!  No we cannot all do everything but we can all do something and a lot of little something is a heck of a lot better than a bunch of nothing.  So if you feel the Kony2012 message and Invisible Children is worthwhile (after researching them of course) than do what you can.  If you don't. Don't bash just get behind whatever God is calling you to do!!!  As for me?  I'm off to save the dustmites (they really don't get the respect they deserve). 

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