Friday, February 3, 2012

Pubs 6

 Just a quick note to let you all know that our 6th Pubs treatment went well yesterday.  The doctors were pleased with the numbers and are going to push the next one to 3 1/2 weeks so that we are at just about 35 weeks for our last Pubs and then deliver within a week or two after that.  The really, really excellent news with that is that it's possible that this baby could only need to stay in the hospital about a week.  In the medical world 37 weeks is considered full term (when most babies don't require an extended stay) so if they deliver two weeks after the next Pubs we will be just days shy from 37 weeks.  It also lessons the likelihood that he will need much in the way of medical intervention.  We will most likely need to take him to the pediatrician every few days to have blood work done and then he may need one transfusion at about a month old and then THAT's IT!!!!  By mid-April we should be just your average family with a newborn and newly adopted 14 month old ;)

Look for another name clue this weekend!!!!!!

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