Friday, April 29, 2011

I Am My Mother

I know some people say this phrase with regret.  What I mean is "I am as ridiculously awesome as my mom;)"  Some of my favorite childhood memories are tied to music.  Every summer we had a song that mom would blast when it came on the radio and we would roll down the windows and sing really loud.  One day we all dressed up as DC. Talk and taught my littlest sister to say, "yo yo Pops, what's up" when my dad walked through the door.
Anyway, in the spirit of summer, loud music, and mommy fun we made this video this morning.  (sorry for the poor sound quality and the ridiculous effects!)


  1. haha, that's awesome Shan! I think I could see a little "Just Dance" influence in there :)

  2. Haha! What ever would our lives be like if it wasn't for dancing!? (And TobyMac?) So blessed to see you enjoying your girls as much as I enjoyed all of you! :-)


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