Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Day Without Shoes

In a spur of the moment decision the girls and I decided to participate in One Day Without Shoes. This is a global movement to raise awareness for the millions of children who have no shoes to wear.  People without shoes are at risk of contracting debilitating and even deadly diseases.  The company that started this movement is Toms and for every pair of their shoes you buy they give a pair to a child in need!

The day started off rainy but warm and the girls were excited.
Our toes were primed and ready to go!

Lindsey's teachers were surprised to see her bare toes!
Christin was loving it!
I left the girls barefoot at the preschool and headed to Whole Foods.  I was so nervous that I was going to step in something gross or step on glass in the parking lot.  By the time I got there the temperature was dropping quick!  My toes were cold in the puddles and I walked in circles just to avoid the water.  I thought I would be told to put shoes on right away but I was over halfway done my shopping before I was asked to put my shoes back on.  The manager was very nice and even apologetic.  He agreed to let me talk to some of his employees and even posed for a picture with me.  (note the photo bomber in the back, he was pretty excited to be in the picture:)

By the time I left Whole Foods it was freezing!!!!!  So freezing in fact that my poor mom, who had the girls, wound up at Payless buying shoes and socks!  (I had packed flip-flops but they just weren't cutting it)

So what did we learn from this experiment?
Lindsey says, "some people don't have shoes!!!"
Christin said, "My feet were freezing.  I learned that I am blessed to have a Nana who buys me shoes and blessed to have lots of shoes at home"  (George and I discussed having a One Day Without Food to inspire the same kind of feelings at mealtime but we thought there may be some legality issues with that;) (PS.  In case there are any people getting up in arms right now that I don't feed my children, I do, don't worry!)
Finally, what did I learn?  I learned how blessed I am to have so many shoes and how painful it would be to go without.  My feet still hurt today!  It was so sad for me to think that my child's birthmother may be one of those without shoes.  I could barely handle it in good health.  I can't imagine going barefoot everyday while pregnant.

The next time you are looking for shoes, please consider Toms!  They are a little pricey but really you are getting two pairs of shoes:)



  1. When I was in High School, and attending Youth Group at LHBC, we went on a missions trip to Mexico to build a tiny house for a family. The mom and young daughter shared a pair of sandals. It seemed that whoever was going away from the house that day got to wear the pair of shoes that were way too big for the daughter and way too big for the mom. I brought a beat up pair of sneakers to work, and got blue paint on them. I kept those sneakers because every time I looked at the blue paint, I was reminded of that family, and that they didn't each have a pair of shoes. However, even though they had nothing, they were so happy and grateful!

  2. How fun! I actually thought about doing this and wondered how it would work if you were going somewhere shoes are required - like the grocery store. What did you say to the Whole Foods employees? I spent most of the afternoon shopping and put my shoes on before I left. I was too afraid to get yelled at. I'm chicken.

    By the way, it's possible that the worst aunt in the world STILL hasn't bought a birthday gift for her niece. I was looking for something from this shop that helps impoverished families, but didn't love anything. Would she like some Tom's shoes of her own?


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