Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 1 Morning

It’s here!  The day that has been building in our hearts for so long now is finally here!  We meet our son today.  Today we will hold Ezekiel.  We will feel his skin, look into those big brown eyes, smell his smell.  I cannot believe it has finally arrived!!!!! 

The view out our window is breathtaking in both beauty and sadness.  There is such a mix of beauty and poverty that my mind hardly knows how to process it.  I can’t wait to share the pictures of this place with you.  Maybe tonight!

Now it’s time to wake the girls.  They meet their brother in TWO HOURS.

My heart sings.  My soul rejoices.  The Lord is good to me.  He is so much more abdunatly good to me than I could ever express.  Thank you Lord for Your love and for Your Africa.


  1. Yeah!!! So excited! You are probably with him now! I don't know if ill be able to fall back to sleep! Can't wait to read all about your day! Love you!!

  2. Cannot wait to see pictures!!!! Cannot wait to see the smiles on your faces!! Love you guys so much!!!!
    Ms. Ashley :)


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