Sunday, October 30, 2011

"When the sun's shinning down on me"

I can't listen/sing the song Blessed Be Your Name without thinking of my Jack and crying.  The lines that talk about "walking through the desert place" and "you give and take away" just wreck me.  We sang the song at Jack's memorial service and everytime since it makes me (and my best girl friends) ball our eyes out.  In fact Liz and Alicia once banned it from being sung at a women's retreat (gotta love those girls!)  Anyway, girls, I think the bann must officially be called off.  This trip it seems God really wants me to focus on the fact that "Blessed be His name, when the sun's shinning down on me, when the world's all as it should be"  And that He is the one that gives!  Joel brought his guitar to the transition home and we had a private little worship service with Joel and "T" (one of our guides) going back and forth playing.  When it was "T"'s turn he started in with "Blessed Be Your Name"  Then today in church we sang it again.  It was lovely and moving and amazing both times.
"T" is the one immediatly to the right of the white guy:)

After church we headed to lunch at Island Breeze.  It was good but we waited an extremely long time for our food. 

Lindsey sharing some hugs with David

After lunch we headed to the transition home to love on our Ezekiel!  When I went back to pick him up he gave me a big smile.  It was sooooo wonderful.  I walked him outside and from that point on he was Daddy's boy.  He played with me and the girls but if he got sad he wanted George.  It was so so sweet!!!  It just melted my heart!  He was also the most comfortable with us today.  He played and crawled and babbled and even walked around holding on to George's hands. 

Tomorrow we head to the transition home, then the orphanages, and finally to our traditional Ethiopian dinner!!!  It should be a fun day:)

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