Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 2

Addis from our balcony

Today was all about play and making friends.  The day started with introducing Ezekiel to his big sister Christin!  She was thrilled and loved playing with him.  Then George took him while Mom, Joel, and I did care packages and photos for a couple AWAA families.  After that we went and sat on the blanket.  When Ezekiel got cranky uncle Joel whipped out his guitar.  Just then one of our AWAA guides, "T", came over.  He also plays so they took turns going back and forth playing praise songs.  It was great.  It was even better when the older kids came to listen.  The music put Ezekiel to sleep which is how we left him for lunch.

Lunch was really yummy and in an art gallery/shop.  The art was amazing!!!

Then it was back to the TH.  We coaxed our first smiles out of Ezekiel.  He was especially happy to wear Uncle Joel's hat and play with Daddy.  Soon after we got there the big kids returned and things got really fun and silly.  Joel played the guitar for them.  At first they just listened but when he did a song they knew they all chimed in.  When they ran out of songs George and Joel decided to teach them some with hand motions.  They all thought the songs were HYSTERICAL.  After a long time of singing George decided to try to teach them some games.  They started with red light/green light and eventually switched to Duck, duck, goose.  Both were huge hits.  AWAA families if you have a child in the older TH they laughed themselves silly today. 

It was a beautiful day with Ezekiel, all the kids, and God.  Tomorrow we will not see Ezekiel because we are going to visit "The Gorge".  We can't wait and another family here in the guest house (not an AWAA family BUT who passed court today) is going to go with us.  We'll miss seeing, holding, loving on, and playing with our little man but we want to see more of his beautiful homeland.

Thanks for the prayers!  Keep em coming:)

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