Thursday, October 27, 2011

Metcha Day!!!

So God pulled an audible on us today.  The plan (according to my playbook) was all of us would go to the Transition home.  George and I would stand waiting in anticipation with the girls at our sides.  Joel would take tons of pictures while Mom videod THE moment.  Then in the final seconds (aka after I woke the girls up) God called an audible and opted to go with a play I had never liked nor considered: Altitude sickness.  It turns out the Christin doesn't adjust well to high altitudes (which is weird because you know how relaxed and easy going she is:)  She threw up every half hour from waking at 8 until about noon.  So our knew Metcha day moment consisted of George videoing me while Lindsey jumped around and Joel took pictures.  Later in the day George and Mom switched so Mom got to meet Ezekiel and Christin has her special day to meet Ezekiel tomorrow. 

Here we are!!!!!!
Other than that the day was PERFECT.  Ezekiel went back and forth between crying and being just slightly uneasy.  Which is actually a really good sign.  When we went back to see him in the afternoon he still cried but not as much and remembered some things we had done in the morning.  He LOVED playing with my hair and Joel's camera.  He is absolutely PERFECT.  His eyes are a deep, dark brown (almost black).  His hair is soft and his skin is softer still.  He smells delicious and feels like a dream to hold.  We are absolutely in LOVE.

Hopefully next week we can show you his face and we'll have some beautiful family pics:)
Please pray for our court day.  Specifically we are already hearing that there may be a problem with our MOWCYA letter because of the way New Jersey does criminal record checks for adoption.  The top of the letter does not say, "New Jersey State Police"  Later in the letter it is clear, to us, that the letter is actually from the NJSP and the staff here is trying hard to point this out to MOWCYA.  Please pray that they are successful and our letter is there next week.

PS.  AWAA families: We are loving on your kiddos tomorrow!!! 


  1. Crying happy tears! I'm a weirdo, I know.:) we are prayi.g hard for that paperwork issue to be worked out and for Ezekiel to come home SOON!! Love you!!!

  2. I keep logging back on to look at the pictures again and again! :) so worth the wait!


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