Monday, July 16, 2012

4 Months Old

I'm four months old!  So much exciting stuff is happening but the most important thing is:  I'M OFF ALL MY MEDS!!!!  No more iron drops, no more folic acid tablets, and best of all, no more Epogin shots!!!!!!!!!!  Mommy says they need to test my blood one more time in a week to make sure everything stays status quo  but as long as everythings good I can say, "buh bye" to CHOP Hemotology (it's a little weird to be excited to never see people again that you like:) 

I'm also gaining weight, as you can see in my picture.  I'm up to 13 pounds!  I've got rolls and everything (check out both my chins!)  I'm consistently rolling from belly to back and trying to do the back to belly thing. 

I love to talk.  Seriously, I take frequent breaks from nursing just to chat with Mommy and give big smiles.  I hate being alone.  I considered sleeping through the night briefly but then I changed my mind.  I don't want Mommy and Daddy to get lonely.  I mean they have a whole queen size bed!  I like my pacifer but I think I like my hands more.  The only problem is they don't exactly go where I want them too.  Sometimes they even pull my paci out.  That makes me angry.  I'm looking forward to month 5!!

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  1. Yay!!!! Doing the happy dance!

    ~Miss Ashley


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