Friday, July 20, 2012

Real Crunchy Step: Blueberry Butter

Please note Jodi's "totes adorbs" overalls:)  She's really embracing the Garden State
PS.  I  just had to ask a group of teenagers, "how do you spell totes as in totally?"
I'm pretty sure they think I'm a gigantic dork.
It's blueberry season in South Jersey!  South Jersey is known for it's blueberries but I'd never picked them before.  Let me tell you people, blueberries are so easy to pick.  The bushes are right at picking height and the berries were plentiful.  Only one issue exists:  they are so yummy that certain people couldn't keep their fingers out of the buckets.  Warning TMI coming:  I actually changed a diaper that was entirely blueberries and bright purple. 
I had originally decided to make more jam but then I decided I wanted to do something different so I went with blueberry butter.  Now to be entirely truthful I have never, ever purchased any fruit butter so I can't really argue that this one saved me any money and I didn't do a price breakdown (I know I'm just slacking all over the place here.) but hey, it was yummy and that's all that really matters.  Oh and easy and you know how I feel about easy.  Bring it on!
So the first thing after picking the berries was to find a recipe.  I googled "blueberry butter" and came up with this recipe .(Warning:  She will make you want a Vitamix blender and they are wicked expensive.  Dear Vitamix, please send me a blender to review)  Ironically the author also picked her blueberries at Moods Farm Market in South Jersey and as everyone knows where two or more bloggers agree it is so.

So here is the very simple recipe:
Puree 4 heaping cups of blueberries and transfer to crockpot on low. 

Cook in crockpot with lid on low

After about 45 minutes, or so, (it's very precise) stir up and prop the lid (I layed my wooden spoon across the top.

After a few hours (3 or 4) add 1 Cup honey and the juice and zest of half a lemon plus a little cinnamon and nutmeg (I added too much)
Too much cinnamin and nutmeg:(

Cook another hour or so (again the timing is super important)

I wasn't thrilled with the consistency of mine so I threw mine back in the blender for a few minutes
and got the consistency I wanted. 
Original consistency

 Delicious and easy!!!!

This recipe made two jars.

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