Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real Crunchy Step: Tortillas

by Denise at Better Than My Best

Yesterday, I had about a pound of ground beef to cook and a bunch of peppers from my garden, so naturally I wanted to cook my favorite meal: stuffed peppers. However, Monday night is usually grocery store night and I was out of the rest of ingredients for stuffed peppers (onion, rice, garlic powder). I had to come up with plan B. Soft tacos! I have been wanting to make homemade tortillas for a while, and yesterday I did! I used the following recipe, found at www.sprinkledwithflour.com .

2 cups of flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 Tbl shortening
1/2 cup water

mix flour, salt, and baking powder
cut in the shortening with a fork
add the water and form into a ball, if more water is needed, add 1 Tbl at a time (I used about 2.5 Tbl more)

Divide into 12 even balls
let sit for 15 minutes

heat a skillet or pan on medium/high heat
on a floured surface, roll out one ball of dough until it is paper thin and almost transparent. (Trying to get these into a circle took a little bit of practice). Cook for 20 seconds on each side. Transfer to a big ziplock bag. Roll out the next ball of dough and repeat.

*Bonus points if your one year old wakes up while you are cooking your first tortilla and requires you to hold her, forcing you to roll out and cook the rest of the tortillas with only one hand.

Although these were a little time consuming, they were really easy to make, and they were so good! This was a successfull crunchy step. Next time I will buy whole wheat flour and attempt to make a several dozen at a time and freeze what I won't use that day.

I made my tacos with Shannon's yummy Loco Taco Seasoning!

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