Thursday, August 2, 2012

Boycott Hunger

No matter which side of the Chick-fil-a debate you fall on I hear one thing being cried, "This is about rights!"  Ok then people, put your money where your mouth is (not literally of course because money is dirty but you know what I mean).  Defend the rights of the hundreds of millions who went to bed hungry last night. Let's all come together.  Join me boycotters.  Join me buycotters and let's make next Wednesday "Boycott Hunger Day".  

I challenge everyone regardless of religion or sexuality to skip one meal next Wednesday and donate the money you would have spent to a charity to end world hunger.  There are many, many organizations with that goal in mind both secular and Christian.

If you care about the rights of others to not be hungry will you share this challenge on facebook, twitter, blogs, email and every other social media out there?  In addition to sharing will you commit to Boycott Hunger next Wednesday, August 8th, and in your share (and on this blog!) let people know what organization you are donating to (include a link so others can easily donate to the same organization)?

There are hungry people, hungry children, all over the world.  Please defend their rights with the same passion that you defend your own.  Let's stand together and say, "The right to be feed is something we all agree on!"

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