Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Real Crunchy Step: Peanut Butter

By Denise at Better Than My Best

Last weekend my Church hosted a Phamily Phillies Tailgate Party. It was a blast! There was food, carnival games, a water blob, paintball, a water balloon fight that ended up being "get Pastor Randy," and we raffled off a baseball bat signd by Richie Ashburn to help support our missions team to Guatemala (who is there right now, say a quick prayer for them please!). For the party, I planned to do a game where I would throw out a ton of unshelled peanuts for the kids to gather up, only there were several peanuts that were colored, and if the child found a colored peanut, he/she could turn it in for a prize. Unfortunately, it poured before I could play this game, and although it only rained for about 10 minutes, I decided to nix the game because of the wet ground. Fortunately, right after the rain, we got to see a beautiful rainbow over the steeple of our church.

I was therefore, left with a ton of peanuts. I decided to make peanut butter.

First, I shelled the already roasted peanuts. (A bowl of shelled peanuts is really fun to play with).

Then I put them in my Magic Bullet, as I don't have a blender. If you have a blender, use the blender. I had to reduce the amount of peanuts I put in the Bullet, and it took forever to get through the peanuts. I actually quit half way through the bowl.

Once blended up, the peanuts will look like this:

I added a little salt, and then I felt like it wasn't as creamy as I would like, so I addd a little oil.

Overall, I think this is a work in progress. I think it would be a lot smoother in a blender. I am also wondering if I will have to get used to it being a slightly different texture than Jif. I am willing to try it again, it really wasn't a hard process!

On another note, is everyone planning to "Boycott Hunger"? Click here to read Shannon's "Boycott Hunger" post!

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