Friday, July 6, 2012

Crunchy Step: Homemade facewash

Post by Storiesfromtheshoe administrator Shannon DeVol:

One of my very first non-food crunchy steps has been to make my own face "wash."  This isn't a sudsy soap kind of wash but an oil cleanse for your skin.  I started using this a couple of months ago and I can't imagine going back for a few reasons:  I love the way it makes my skin feel!  It saves me a TON of money.  It lasts forever.  It's so so simple (and you know I'm all about simple, and by simple I mean, whatever will allow me to be the most lazy:)

1 containter (I used an empty, cleaned out shower gel container)
3/4 container extra virgin olive oil
1/4 container castor oil
a few drops of tea tree oil (this helps with acne but you could substitute in other essential oils like lavender if you use it at night or maybe orange to help wake you up in the morning)

Spread a few drops on your face
Run a warm wash cloth under very warm water and cover your face for about a minute.  Consider this your daily 1 minute spa treatment:)  Wipe off excess oil with washcloth and your done!  No lotion needed.  Yup, you read that right!  This cuts out your face-wash and your lotion.  The money this saves is so ridiculous it's amazing.

To make this even more simple I just spread the oil on before I get in the shower and let the shower steam work it's magic!  I use it in the evening and it's amazing at removing makeup too!  Yet another thing you don't have to buy!

Warning:  If you've been using regular face wash and lotion it may take a week or two for your face to adjust to balancing it's own oils again.  After a couple of weeks if you feel your face is too dry add more EVOO.  Too oily? try more castor oil.

For more of the science behind oil cleansing and for some more elaborate recipes look here

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