Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All is Well:)

First I just want to thank everyone for reading this blog!  I cannot believe the number of people that have called, texted, or came up to us and said, "how'd the last pubs go?  You never updated the blog"  I didn't realize so many were quietly following!   So let me apologize for not updating sooner!  It won't happen again;)

Everything went great.  It was our shortest procedure yet.  From the time they gave me the numbing meds until they withdrew the needle was only 30 minutes!  AMAZING!  Also, the baby looked good enough that we are pushing the next pubs to a full 3 weeks so we will be back in on January 10th.  It's possible that if he looks good at that one we may even push to 3 1/2 weeks next time.  This pubs was also a huge success because it means the next one will be done at 28 weeks.  At that point the baby is no longer considered an "extreme" or "super" premie but just a premie.  Far less intervention would be needed were he to be born and the outcomes are much more encouraging (like 90%).  Obviously, we are still hoping he stays put for the next 11 weeks (they won't let me go past 37 weeks).  Best case scenerio we have 3 more pubs and then a baby:)  Time is flying!!!!!!

On the adoption front we are STILL waiting on the US Embassy.  We have no idea what the holdup is.  We haven't heard from them since they requested a phone number on the 16th.  We aren't sure what to think at this point.  We don't know if no news means they are just still waiting to talk to the officer, have decided they need to speak with someone else, are doing a full investigation, or are deciding whether to send our case onto Nairobi.  The possibilities are numerous.  We are, honestly, exhausted from checking our email several times a night not to mention the emotional strain of not knowing when our son will be home.  We sent an inquiry about our case today but I'm not sure we'll hear anything back (other than maybe a generic "your case is still being processed")  So if anyone out there knows someone who works in the US Embassy in Ethiopia feel free to give them a call and ask "When the heck are the DeVols' bringing their kid home?!?!?!?!"  It's starting to feel like a race between these two boys!!!!

So that is my "short" little update:)
Merry Christmas!!!!!!
I can't imagine that the holdup could be with us right?!?!?

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