Friday, December 16, 2011

But Wait....There's More

Someone said to me yesterday, "Your life!"  When I responded, "What?  You wouldn't want to be me?"  She responded, "No Way!" 

I don't want to complain.  I actually think I have a really good life.  I am sooooo blessed beyond measure and so thankful to God for the many wonderful things that I have.  We have a warm home, good job, and great friends and family.  I don't think anyone who has those things can really say their life isn't great.  Everyone goes through times of stresses.  Sometimes they're little (even though they feel big) and sometimes big.  Sometimes THEY JUST WON'T STOP COMING!!!  Really, none of the things we are going through seem too awful but when you stack them all together it just get's overwhelming!!!  Since we returned from Ethiopia (Nov. 7th)  here are some "fun" things that have happened:

~baby "surprise" has had 3 blood transfusions and I go into Philly twice a week for ultrasounds

~we've waited to be submitted to Embassy
     ~and waited
            ~and waited
                   ~and waited some more

~our washing machine completely broke and we bought a new one (while I really like my new washing machine picking out a new one was stressful both financially and emotionally(what if I made the wrong decision?!?!?!))

~ we were finally submitted to Embassy!

~ Christin broke her arm, bad.  If you haven't heard the story here's a quick recap:  First of all Christin doesn't (or I guess I should say didn't) get hurt.  EVER.  The worst injury she has ever had was a few months before when she fell and cut her knee and needed a bandaid.  Before that I don't even think she had ever really bleed, seriously.  She was standing on a little platform/shelf about two feet high.  She feel off.  I heard the bang and, "umm Mom??  I think I hurt myself" She was cradling her arm.  When I pulled up the sleeve there was no question that the arm was broken.  "Hey mom, you know have Kevin's arm used to go this way?  Well, it doesn't do that anymore"  (yeah, very Brian Regan)  The arm literally bent between the wrist and elbow.  I'm not easily squeamish and the image of her arm in my mind makes me feel queasy still.  A trip to the ER revealed both bones (radius and ulna) were broken.  Originally they were going to put her to sleep to set it but they decided to set it with her awake.  It was not fun!  Now she has a bright pink cast from midway up her upper arm down to her hand.  She is HATING the cast and says constantly that she wants it off, hates it, wishes she could go to sleep and not wake up until it's off. 

~late last night we heard that the US Embassy is reviewing our case but would like to talk to one of the police officers that was involved in Ezekiel's story very early on.  AWAA has been fabulous in RIGHT AWAY getting the Embassy the officer's phone number but we have no way of knowing when the Embassy will actually speak with him and if they will then clear us or want to talk to someone else.  So we wait some more.  At this point we won't be bringing him home for Christmas:(  but there is still hope for the week after Christmas. 

~I think there is a major holiday coming up too. 

I'm going to go take a nap now.  Wake me up when all my babies are here safe and sound, my eldest is cast free and I'm lying on a beach somewhere:)

God is good, all the time!  All the time, God is good!
On the plus side, Lindsey was a fabulous little cow in her Christmas play:)

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