Monday, December 19, 2011

PUBS Take 4

Tomorrow is our 4th transfusion.  I'm not as nervous as I've been about the others but it's still pretty intense.  There are some different things this time.  The biggest change is that now our little man is considered "viable".  At almost 25 weeks if he were born tomorrow he would have a chance of surviving.  His chances wouldn't be great and his chances of surviving with no major issues later in life are even smaller.  I did get a series of steroid shots that increase his chances should he be born.  Right now we are looking at about a 65% survival rate (with steroids, without I believe it would be about 45%)  Because he is now considered viable every PUBS has the possibility of ending in a c-section.  We are prayerful and hopeful that this is not necessary. Making it through this transfusion is HUGE!  The next transfusion would be at 28 weeks, which is considered a major milestone.  At that point a baby is a premie with about a 90% survival rate as opposed to a super-premie with much lower rates.  Each week, and subsequently each 3 week pubs round, that this little guy is not born is huge in his development.

Please pray for tomorrow!  Pray for a successful transfusion that does not result in a c-section!


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