Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday George and . . . .

Today was was my darling husband's 34th birthday!  To celebrate we went and saw The Muppets movie and then headed to PF Changs.  The movie is an absolute must see for anyone who was a child in the 80's (or raised one, or two, or three:) and loves absolute ridiculousness (the songs had me absolutely cracking up!). 

The whole day was also filled with much breath holding.  We were hoping to be submitted to Embassy.  Around lunch time we got an email that basically said, "we think you were submitted but the internet is down in Ethiopia so we can't confirm"  At this point I took a huge breath in and didn't exhale until about 10 minutes ago (in completely unrelated news I am dizzy and have a headache)  Since we were at the movies and out to eat we couldn't check our email (sidenote:  there is no where in the Promonade with free wifi)  Then just 10 minutes ago we got home and opened the email to find WE WERE SUBMITTED!!!!!!!!  Now we wait a week or two to find out if we have cleared or more info is needed.  We are praying like crazy that we clear next week and can still get Ezekiel home by Christmas (Please Lord, please Lord, pretty pretty please!!!!!!!!!)

So that was our day!  Super, duper fun!!!!!!!!

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