Saturday, December 17, 2011


Guess what I did not see today?  The inside of a doctor's office or hospital!!!!  We had a really, really lovely doctor free Saturday.  We slept in.  We ate blueberry pie for breakfast (don't judge, pie for breakfast is one of the lovely little joys of life).  We built a gingerbread house (our first ever!)  Then the I did something with the girls I thought I'd never do (at least until they were teenagers) but I thought we girls needed a little chill time while Daddy went for a run.  So we got pedicures.  They LOVED it!  Lindsey had a meltdown when she messed up her snowflake designs but she eventually recovered and all in all it was really fun.  They both felt so grown up:)

Then we took our cute toes home and decorated our gingerbread house while lasagna cooked in the oven.

 Soon the children will be nestled snug in their beds and George and I will wrap some presents and watch Christmas movies.  We sooooo needed today and it was simply lovely!

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  1. The way you can turn away from all that stress and make one ordinary day turn into a fun-filled, stress-free day is so inspiring! So happy you ladies had a great time. Love you guys!

    -Ms. Ashley :)


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