Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prayer Please!!!!

We had an ultrasound for surprise today.  At Monday's ultrasound he looked GREAT!  Today he was anemic again, already.  That means another transfusion, tomorrow:(  We are pretty frustrated about what that means.  First of all it means that if there is a problem or they are unable to do it there is nothing they can do since he is not yet 24 weeks.  Also, it means that we probably have a very aggressive form of anemia and these transfusions are going to be much more frequent (like every 10-14 days).  Please, please pray!!!! 

In other news we once again were not submitted to Embassy this week.  Praying for next Wednesday!!!

On the upside, my name was pulled for Shoprite's Touchdown prize.  So I get tons of food next Sunday for the Eagles game.  I may eat it all myself:)

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