Friday, December 2, 2011

Praise God!

We had another successful PUBS procedure today.  While it was much sooner than we had hoped it was done at the perfect time.  The baby was anemic but not severely so and that's a very good thing.  It also only took 40 minutes, which is always great and the baby did very well during the procedure.  We learned some new information that I found fascinating.  Every time they do a PUBS the baby's blood becomes a little more diluted (less antigens aka the thing my blood hates) by the donor blood.  That means that just because it took only 10 days for him to become anemic this time that doesn't mean he will need a transfusion again in 10 days.  It's possible that he will (and that's why I will have ultrasounds twice a week) but they are hopeful that they can stretch them out a little more.  Right now the next one is tentatively scheduled for December 19th. 

We also meet with Neonatalogy today.  They discussed how things would look if the baby was born at 24 weeks and how we should proceed with steroids.  At 24 weeks, with steroids, the odds of the baby surviving are about 30% (admittedly not great but I keep thinking, "so you're saying there's a chance" (yes I did just quote Dumb and Dumber in the middle of a very serious medical post)) and the odds he has no lasting damage (neurologically mostly) is even lower.  HOWEVER, we were encouraged by the fact that with each week that passes the chances of healthy survival go up considerably.  Obviously we are praying this baby stays in the oven for 4 more months but just 6 more weeks makes a huge difference. 

Just a couple other things we are praising God for this week:
~  Ezekiel is healthy and happy but not walking yet (wait for us little boy!!!!)
~  A friend handed us $100 for travel expenses to Jefferson.  Since I'm going twice a week and then doing PUBS every few weeks that's wonderful!  (the cost of travel plus meals (we're there for a long time and then I'm forbidden from cooking the evening of the PUBS) really adds up)
~  Another friend gave me her PATCO card with some money left on it!  I took the train for the first time Thursday:)
~  Christin told me "she loves reading" and that she had read a chapter of a book in bed.  The chapters are very short but this HUGE for her!!!!!
~  We have really fabulous friends and family that are supporting us and praying for us

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